Filippo Fiumani (aka MANI ) is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in Loreto, ITALY.

He works as an illustrator, graphic designer and craftsman. He has a deep passion for philosophy, folk art, photography, bananas, travels, music, skating, surfing and motorcycles.

His wide range of influences, mixing post punk, new wave, graffiti street art and tattoos, helped him  to create his own unique imaginary and Lo-fi aesthetic. His D.I.Y  approach is based on a   skate/punk roots, which give him a sense of humor, conspiracy theory, and pop culture commentary.

He has travelled and surfed in many places from Australia, Thailand, Brazil, North Africa and many places around Europe.

He likes to spend his days at the beach looking for glassy barrels to surf with his singlefin and to go riding at pools with his skateboard.

He is co-founder and art director of SANTI boards , a brand producing  singlefins and kiteboards.

MANI´studio is based in Lisbon, drop him an email!

Thanks for your interest.