1/3 serie, handmade in sterling silver 925 (about 25 grams) with oxidised details
Continuing the process of choosing the media as a message, Fiumani joined the forces with Roger That, to create a collection of jewels inspired on inclusive gender and custom handmade product. The jewels are handmade in sterling silver 925 with oxidised details.
Silver is representative of moon energy and is the balance between black and white.
It is symbolic of purity, strength, clarity, focus, and the feminine energy.
The collection is composed by 3 jewels that can be used as ear cuff or pendant for necklace, named as BABY BLUE, SMILE AT MY RAGE and BURNING IDIAS.Each jewel as 3 copy for each model, each piece is numbered on the back and it will be sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artists.